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A message from Founder Dear distinguished guest/reader,
Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for your interest
to our company, I assure that your interest will be worthwhile.

ADM Korea Inc. has been in operation since 2003 within the heart of Seoul, taking pride in our continued production of quality and reputable works. We leverage the key resources at ADM, integrating our robust business system and experienced personnel, to yield high-repeat order rate from our clients. We work to maximize our clients' success by providing full range of services, bolstered by well-trained staffs and reliable management.

At ADM, we foster integrity, teamwork, commitment, respect and sincerity in our employees to build a strong and lasting relationship with our sponsors.
Using our past years of experiences as a stepping stone, we are ready to take the giant leap towards our vision of becoming the number one clinical service provider in Asia.

We do not simply want to become a good partner; we strive to become the best partner.

“Come to Korea and join ADM Korea Inc.”
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Seokmin Yoon